I feel Gorgeous!!!… I think.

I stumbled across My Heritage while reading Neil Gaiman’s Blog. I swear, the things you pick up at that place! hehehehehe. It was there, actually, because someone told him about it.

Ok, the website has a face recognition program which allows you to find the Superstar in you. HAH! All you need to do is upload a photo of yourself and it will tell you which celebrity looks just like you! Of course I HAD to try it. I had so much fun, I did it three times!!! My ego totally needed this! :)

Version # 1:

Ehem… I look 74% like Beyonce!! Ka-ching, Ka-ching! I feel as if I’ve won something. Aycannotbelieveeeet!! I never knew I could be such a hot momma. Yeah, yeah. :) And then I’m 72% Jessica Alba! How I wish… :) Can I have their bodies, too? Please. I’ll be good, I promise. :)

Who is Tay Ping Hui and why do they have him in their data base?

Go to the site for a clearer picture.
Version # 2:

I have no idea who the guys are (who’s the old man?!?!? Oh God, it’s that mega vein I have on my forehead that made the machine think I’m centuries old. UGH. And the fat, redhead dude?), but, Omigod, Sarah Jessica Parker and Annie Lennox! My face is round, how could that be?!? I’m not complaining, though. :) Renee… Alright, she could be pretty. I just don’t like it when she’s too thin or too botoxed! Go to this site for a better view.

Version 3:

Wow… I look 80% like Laura Branigan. Whatever happened to her? And, whooohooo, 61% Shalom Harlow. Am I a super model or what! HAH! And the gorgeous Rosario Dawson. I am so glad to be 60% like her!!! Oh yeah. And, my idol, Parker Posey!!! Fabulous, fabulous Parker. :) Can I have 64% of Toni Morrison’s talent, too? :) Here’s the link to my 3rd version of me.

Okay, I feel so much better. All together now… “I feel pretty, oh so pretty, and I feel pretty and witty and bright! And I pity, Any girl who isn’t me tonight!”


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