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Malignant void

Thursday, 13 January 11

A malignant void that can suck you in. It looks alive.

I think I was drawing an ulcer. Stomach painful again. Bad, bad, bad.



Thursday, 13 January 11

The inside cover of my Nightmare Sketchbook.

Still have a LOT of work to do. Wish I had more time. :(


Thursday, 16 December 10


Art House Co-Op sketchbook

My sketchbook is finally here! I'm #45461, theme: Nightmare

My sketchbook is finally here! I ordered it from the Art House Co-Op website on November 1st, it was shipped right away, it landed in Manila on November 24, I got the notice to pick it up at the Quezon City post office on December 14, and I finally went there this morning. Whew! What a journey… and I haven’t even started drawing yet!

It’s the coolest thing EVER, I swear. Hahahaha… sheesh, I sound like an idiot! Been losing a lot of  IQ points here cos of all the drooling and the gushing, but I’m just REALLY super duper excited to participate in this project! I know I’m just going to be one in a thousands of participants, but who cares? This little black book is going on tour in the US, to be exhibited at different galleries and museums, and will finally retire at the Brooklyn Art Library. People will also be able to access it online. How cool is that? ;o)

Oh, I picked a black sketchbook (it’s moleskin!) to work on. It smells lovely! It’s like a memory waiting to happen. I don’t really know what that means, but that’s how it smells like! hahahaha. The theme I chose was “Nightmare”. Kind of predictable, but, hey, gotta work with what you know and love. :D And since I’ve decided to resuscitate this quasi-mummified blog, I think I’ll post snippets of my Nightmare making here. It’s perfect since I’m envisioning 2011 to be my most creative year EVER (again, losing IQ points) filled with more drawings, sketches, sculptures, commissioned works, exhibits, grants and the like. These will all help me disturb the universe once more. ;o)

Here's proof of how slow Phil Post is

So when will I go to New York to use this baby? ;o)


It’s too bad that I just got it, though. I half expected it to arrive late, but 6 weeks is a bit ridiculous. So what have they been doing with it since November 24? But no matter, I work well under pressure anyway, so this should be an exciting ride. ;o) Here’s to Creativity!

PS. I wanted to rant and rave about my trip to the Quezon City Post Office (It was raining cats and dogs, the cabbie was extremely rude, blah, blah, blah), but decided to just channel my energies into creating my own nightmares. ;o)