Thursday, 16 December 10

Just activated the Snow-on-the-blog feature of WordPress. Hahahaha. Silly but cute! It doesn’t snow here in Manila so I’ll take this. :D



Thursday, 16 December 10


Art House Co-Op sketchbook

My sketchbook is finally here! I'm #45461, theme: Nightmare

My sketchbook is finally here! I ordered it from the Art House Co-Op website on November 1st, it was shipped right away, it landed in Manila on November 24, I got the notice to pick it up at the Quezon City post office on December 14, and I finally went there this morning. Whew! What a journey… and I haven’t even started drawing yet!

It’s the coolest thing EVER, I swear. Hahahaha… sheesh, I sound like an idiot! Been losing a lot of  IQ points here cos of all the drooling and the gushing, but I’m just REALLY super duper excited to participate in this project! I know I’m just going to be one in a thousands of participants, but who cares? This little black book is going on tour in the US, to be exhibited at different galleries and museums, and will finally retire at the Brooklyn Art Library. People will also be able to access it online. How cool is that? ;o)

Oh, I picked a black sketchbook (it’s moleskin!) to work on. It smells lovely! It’s like a memory waiting to happen. I don’t really know what that means, but that’s how it smells like! hahahaha. The theme I chose was “Nightmare”. Kind of predictable, but, hey, gotta work with what you know and love. :D And since I’ve decided to resuscitate this quasi-mummified blog, I think I’ll post snippets of my Nightmare making here. It’s perfect since I’m envisioning 2011 to be my most creative year EVER (again, losing IQ points) filled with more drawings, sketches, sculptures, commissioned works, exhibits, grants and the like. These will all help me disturb the universe once more. ;o)

Here's proof of how slow Phil Post is

So when will I go to New York to use this baby? ;o)


It’s too bad that I just got it, though. I half expected it to arrive late, but 6 weeks is a bit ridiculous. So what have they been doing with it since November 24? But no matter, I work well under pressure anyway, so this should be an exciting ride. ;o) Here’s to Creativity!

PS. I wanted to rant and rave about my trip to the Quezon City Post Office (It was raining cats and dogs, the cabbie was extremely rude, blah, blah, blah), but decided to just channel my energies into creating my own nightmares. ;o)


Thursday, 16 December 10

Went to Makati Med again. I somehow always end up there. Today’s trip was benign, though; just a quick trip to the derma to replenish my meds over the holidays. Face has been clear, stocks have been full, so two months have passed since I’ve been to that wing. So I was shocked to see the renovations they’ve done to that place–que rapido! Makati Med is finally starting to look like a modern, high-tech hospital! It looked like a dump compared to St. Luke’s and Medical City and you basically paid the same amount (a bit less) for the services. I funnel so much of my income into this place (and my docs!) so I’m glad to see that they’re finally keeping up with the neighbors. ;o)


Wednesday, 15 December 10

I think it’s time to revive this blog. For real. It’s 3:58AM and that’s my brilliant thought for the day.

Food for thought

Monday, 5 April 10

Si no te vas es porque no quieres.” That’s the first thing I saw when I opened my email this morning. Painful as it is to admit it, maybe the Universe is right (I am taking this as a sign from Them, It, Him… Whatever.), maybe I am still in this rut because I don’t want to leave. Don’t or won’t or can’t? Well, whatever it is, it doesn’t change the fact that I am still stuck here.

There are two things I can do right now: heed the call of the Gods (Them, It, Him… Whatever.) and get to the bottom of things so that I can finally get out of here OR I can just accept the fact that maybe I am better off where I am, that I have already made my bed so I might as well just lie in it in peace. Whichever way I go I think it’s going to be so much better than where I am now. Fence sitting is making my ass bigger than it should be. It’s about time that I make my move.

Confusing MS news

Tuesday, 30 March 10

I’m glad they’re doing a lot of research on Multiple Sclerosis, but this new info is just confusing: “The ultraviolet (UV) portion of sunlight stimulates the body to produce vitamin D, and both vitamin D and UV can regulate the immune system and perhaps slow MS.” Okay… but the heat from sunlight aggravates the other symptoms like malaise and chronic fatigue. Sigh. Perhaps one can just get UV rays from those tanning beds and not have the heat. What do you do about skin cancer, though?

Chicken and the egg. Read more about it here:  Exploring the link between sunlight and multiple sclerosis at the Science Daily website.

Love Cats

Wednesday, 24 March 10

Dream a little dream of me

Wednesday, 24 March 10

DRAFT: “Dream a Little Dream of Me”


“Revelations: the 3rd Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards”

STEPH moves towards Neil.

Hi, Neil!

NEIL turns and smiles warmly at Steph.

Hi there! How are you?

I am good now that I’m here. How are YOU?

I’m good, good, tired, but good.

Neil turns and gets Steph’s comic books. Steph wants to keep the conversation going.

Thank you for coming here… blah, blah, blah…

Neil notices that he is holding a copy of Sandaman #1 (The Sleep of the Just) and Sandman Special #1 (“Fables & Reflections – The Song of Orpheus”). Smiles.

Are these yours, Stephanie?

Steph, a bit disoriented, thinking—He knows my name?!? Did I introduce myself?—and quickly realized that she wrote her name down (along with the lines that she wanted him to write on her books) on a piece of paper and handed it to one of Neil’s assistants before going up the stage. She wrote down “Steph”, though, and not her full name.


Neil turns away and starts signing Sandman #1. He dots the eyes of the man on the cover.

I got that one when I was 18 (Thought bubble: WRONG. I was 17 going on 18)

Neil chuckles.

That was a long way away…

He turns to Steph and grabs at his curls…

My hair wasn’t gray back then.

They both laugh, Steph tries not to faint, and Neil goes back to signing the comic books. Steph leans closer (Thought bubble: he’s holding my comic books! MY comic books!). Tries not to drool.

Blah, blah, blah. Mutter, mutter.

Neil finishes signing the books.

I have something for you.

Neil turns and smiles.

Oooohhh… what is it?

Steph hands him a small envelope.

It’s… It’s just a… I made you a thank you card… for inspiring me to create. (Thought bubble: CRAP, CRAP, CRAP. Do not get emotional! Do NOT tell him that you’ve always thought of him as your Godfather for creativity. CRAP)

Neil smiles, gets halfway off his seat, plants a kiss on Steph’s cheek and hugs her.

Thank you. Steph, you are so sweet. Thank you very much.

Steph is a bit dazed.

Thank YOU. Bye.

Steph grabs her comic books and Neil thanks her again.

Buen viaje. (Thought bubble: What’s “Buen viaje” in English again? What is it? He didn’t understand you!!! DANG.)

Neil smiles, turns and grabs the next batch of books to sign. Person #275 steps in and introduces herself to Neil. Steph exits clutching her comic books close to her heart.

(Thursday, 18 March 2010, Manila)

Oh Phoooooey!

Sunday, 14 February 10

I am trying to resuscitate my blog. I’m not exactly in the right frame of mind to write, so bear with me. I’m going to re-post something I wrote on my Facebook page. I wrote it 2 months ago, but I still feel the same way. Sigh. Here it goes…


I’m uncomfortable with words at the moment. It’s been a while since I’ve last sat down and properly confronted them. My brain feels like alphabet soup and I have to fish for letters and string them into words one by one. They slip and slide and off they go—plonk!—back into the cesspool of garbled odds and ends. Sisyphus had it easy.

What a lonely business this is, of constructing words. It’s just you and 26 letters with gazillion permutations and combinations and no coherent way of verbalizing your thoughts. Almost too much happens these days and it gets harder to look back on them in words. Life and people move on and you are still stuck between a vowel and a consonant, a verb and a pronoun, hopelessly trying to make sense of what had been, is, are, and will be. It’s a maddening, migraine inducing chore that you alone feel the need to get done.

My brain is mush and I still hang on. What else is there to do? Life—at least mine—comes in clusters, a constellation of chaos, of blissful solitude, of bleak plateaus, of moments when you can hardly catch your breath, and of seconds splitting bit by itty bit at a snail’s pace—pfffffoooooo! So I always oblige myself to jumpstart my head before the pendulum begins to swing again.

None of this makes sense, really. It never does. So I wait it out. Maybe in the coming days some semblance of order will come again and I can remain unperturbed in the company of words.


Oh, by the way, Happy Year of the Tiger! 恭喜发财! Kung Hei Fat Choi (“Congratulations and be prosperous”)! That’s the reason why I wanted to write again. Happy new year! ;-)


Wednesday, 3 June 09

Grrrrrr… I’m a little bit upset. Just saw the hottest shoes on the market: YSL’s Spring 2009 Heels Collection. Here’s a sample:

YSL Lattice Work Heels

And another one:

YSL Spring 2009 Heels

And the boots:

YSL Cage Boots

The are great, even fabulous, BUT THEY REMIND ME OF MY SCULPTURES!!!! Look at this:

Vittorio Stilletos

And this:

Barba High Heels

And this cutie (I will freak out if I see a replica of this one!):

Ballet flats

I should have made real ones! Grrrrrrr…. Now I can’t even make real ones because people will think I copied their designs! Snaaaarrrrl… No wonder my friend Kat was insistent that I looked it up! Grrrrrr…
I’m really upset now.

Sigh…. You can check out my collection here or here. Hmmp!

Dang, I’m getting a headache!