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Dream a little dream of me

Wednesday, 24 March 10

DRAFT: “Dream a Little Dream of Me”


“Revelations: the 3rd Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards”

STEPH moves towards Neil.

Hi, Neil!

NEIL turns and smiles warmly at Steph.

Hi there! How are you?

I am good now that I’m here. How are YOU?

I’m good, good, tired, but good.

Neil turns and gets Steph’s comic books. Steph wants to keep the conversation going.

Thank you for coming here… blah, blah, blah…

Neil notices that he is holding a copy of Sandaman #1 (The Sleep of the Just) and Sandman Special #1 (“Fables & Reflections – The Song of Orpheus”). Smiles.

Are these yours, Stephanie?

Steph, a bit disoriented, thinking—He knows my name?!? Did I introduce myself?—and quickly realized that she wrote her name down (along with the lines that she wanted him to write on her books) on a piece of paper and handed it to one of Neil’s assistants before going up the stage. She wrote down “Steph”, though, and not her full name.


Neil turns away and starts signing Sandman #1. He dots the eyes of the man on the cover.

I got that one when I was 18 (Thought bubble: WRONG. I was 17 going on 18)

Neil chuckles.

That was a long way away…

He turns to Steph and grabs at his curls…

My hair wasn’t gray back then.

They both laugh, Steph tries not to faint, and Neil goes back to signing the comic books. Steph leans closer (Thought bubble: he’s holding my comic books! MY comic books!). Tries not to drool.

Blah, blah, blah. Mutter, mutter.

Neil finishes signing the books.

I have something for you.

Neil turns and smiles.

Oooohhh… what is it?

Steph hands him a small envelope.

It’s… It’s just a… I made you a thank you card… for inspiring me to create. (Thought bubble: CRAP, CRAP, CRAP. Do not get emotional! Do NOT tell him that you’ve always thought of him as your Godfather for creativity. CRAP)

Neil smiles, gets halfway off his seat, plants a kiss on Steph’s cheek and hugs her.

Thank you. Steph, you are so sweet. Thank you very much.

Steph is a bit dazed.

Thank YOU. Bye.

Steph grabs her comic books and Neil thanks her again.

Buen viaje. (Thought bubble: What’s “Buen viaje” in English again? What is it? He didn’t understand you!!! DANG.)

Neil smiles, turns and grabs the next batch of books to sign. Person #275 steps in and introduces herself to Neil. Steph exits clutching her comic books close to her heart.

(Thursday, 18 March 2010, Manila)


A tad early

Monday, 22 October 07

Christmas comes really early in the Philippines—our neighbors have already added “Jingle Bell Rock” to their weekly karaoke repertoire, I’ve received invitations for dinners and get-togethers, and there are countdowns to December 25th on TV. Can’t they wait till after Halloween? This just means one thing for me, really—my transformation into the Grinch will also start pronto. Sigh.

I’m going to make an effort, though, not to turn into a live, little bitter melon this year. I’m starting my own “Christmas Cheer” project (I need a better name for it, though!) and try to find ways to make myself look forward to and enjoy (or at least tolerate) C-Day. How about drawing up a Christmas list for myself and my friends? A little materialism always makes the heart beat faster. ;) On top of my lust list: sushi pillows. I know… lame. Hey, I’m a silly little girl and this kind of non-sense makes me flash my pearly whites at people (scary, scary). Tell me you don’t find these cute:

Neil with his Sushi Pillows

Even Neil likes them. How about this:

Ebi Nigiri

The only problem I’d have with having these around would be that I’d be hungry all the time. But then, I’m always hungry anyway so it’s okay. :)

I wantsss more…

Sunday, 4 March 07

I want this dress…
Myrtl Silk Dress

And this skirt… Beanstalk Skirt

Then I can lounge around in my house filled with these beautiful stuffsesessss…

Astrid Chair

Milo Chesterfield

Olauf Cabinet

Gatekeeper Cabinet

I absolutely love Anthropologie!


Saturday, 3 March 07

We wantsss them shoesesesssss…

Elfin Shoes

Pretty-Please Platforms

Deadly Sin

Wednesday, 10 January 07

Twenty odd years spent within the confines of several scrupulous Catholic schools and I still haven’t learned to curb my avariciousness and avoid lusting after the new kid on the block: It’s button-free, up to 8GB of storage space, Wi-Fi enabled, with a 2-megapixel camera… all these and more yummy goodness contained in a sleek and slick, Twiggy-coolness, less than 12mm casing. And best of all, it runs on Apple’s OS X.


See the object of my affection here.

Can someone pass me a bib, please.

Hope Springs Eternal

Friday, 8 December 06

I have less than a month left to make one of my dreams a reality. My hope drops down a level as each day comes to an end. :(

Please check out my Paper Crane Project website if you want to help. (You can also take a look at My Paper Crane Project page over there, on the top right, under “Who dares to disturb the Universe?”)

Thanks! :)

Hybrid Hubby

Tuesday, 5 December 06

I think I am starting to lose it. I’m in a bit of a state today, so I decided to have a little bit of fun and not deal with my life right now. I’m a bit loopy, so bear with me.

I’ve always said that I wanted to marry a British writer or a fantastic artist/illustrator. I dunno why exactly… maybe because I was always surrounded by books and graphic novels and I got a kick out of the thought that I would read everything my husband would write before it goes to print. Or maybe because I wanted to marry a book or a graphic novel but couldn’t so I chose their human creators instead? :) Anyways, my life practically revolved around The Sandman at the time I was seriously pondering on this idea, so Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean naturally became The Ones; they set the bar for the poor soul who would dare consider applying for the job. :) Hey, come on, I wanted the best in the business, right?

So here they are:

Neil and Dave

I obviously am not after the real Neil or Dave, but someone like them… So, if I can’t have them, does that mean I have to look for someone like this?

Hybrid Hubby

Hahahahahahaha! I know… creepy. He kinda reminds me of someone, though. An actor… Kenneth Branagh? MWAHAHAHAHA. No, I’m sorry. I am not high on anything right now, not even my allergy meds. Teeheehee.

I went Photoshop happy and even made an invitation for our engagement party:


I never finished it, though, cos I couldn’t think of the date for the party or the wedding. EEEEeeeech. I guess, bottom line is, I really don’t want to get hitched! :) I don’t want a Sandman Frankenstein! I want to BE a Sandman Frankenstein. HAHAHAHAHA. Naw… but seriously—no one out there will ever reach that bar, so why don’t I just go for it myself? I’ll just have to learn how to write amazing stories and illustrate amazing books… but I guess that’s easier than finding Mr. Hybrid. Right? :)  A lot less hassle, too. hehehehe.

Told ya I was in a weird mood today.

Absolute Christmas

Wednesday, 1 November 06

I just finished celebrating one holiday and now I am already looking forward to the next one. I know it’s too early to ask for a Christmas gift, but I really want, want, WANT this one!


Absolute Sandman, Vol. 1 (Hardcover)



The slipcase edition comes out today. GGAAARRRGGHHH!

Here’s a brief description from “The first of four beautifully designed slipcased volumes, THE ABSOLUTE SANDMAN VOL. 1 collects issues 1-20 of The Sandman and features completely new coloring, approved by the author, on the first 18 issues, as well as a host of never-before-seen extra material, including the complete original Sandman Proposal, a gallery of character designs from Gaiman and the artists who originated the look of the Sandman, and the original script to the World Fantasy Award-winning THE SANDMAN #19, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” together with reproductions of the issue’s original pencils by Charles Vess. Also included are a new introduction by DC’s president Paul Levitz and a new afterword by Gaiman.”

My mouth is watering at the thought of having this preciousssss… thing in my hands. Hey, I’ve been good all year long; I really think I deserve to have a copy pronto! I am sure Santa knows how much I would appreciate this gift.

Okay, while he’s at it, maybe he could get me Alan Moore’s Lost Girls, too. Alan Moore, the genius behind The Watchmen, tells the story of our favorite girls–Alice, Wendy, and Dorothy–and gives us a peek into their very intimate, grown-up world. Their meeting occurs long after we’ve put down our copies of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Peter Pan and Wendy and the Wizard of Oz. I hear it’s not for the faint-hearted (as all of his graphic novels); we not only get to see these girls as women, we get to see them as real women (the book is very sexually graphic, bordering on pornographic).

Sigh. Two more things to add to my growing wish list…