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Thursday, 13 January 11

The inside cover of my Nightmare Sketchbook.

Still have a LOT of work to do. Wish I had more time. :(



Sunday, 22 June 08

Detail of Sirens Installation

Sculpture from SIRENS Installation

Painted plaster + abaca rope

22 x 12 x 6 inches

June 2008

I feel as if I have just given birth. I am sure it doesn’t come close AT ALL to the real thing, but I still feel like a new mom… The ULTRAMAR exhibit opened last Thursday (June 19th) and I unveiled my works to the public: an installation composed of 5 hanging plaster sculptures and a 3D collage. I was working on another one, but it broke. :( Clay does not dry well in this weird weather. Grrrr… See, I have to deal with some sort of abortion as well. Sigh.

Anyways… my works will be on display until the 3rd of July. If you are in Manila, please try to see them at the Astra Gallery, 2nd floor LRI Design Plaza, 210 Nicanor Garcia Street (formerly known as Reposo St), Makati City, Manila. The building is in front of Alliance Francaise Manille. Astra is open Mondays-Fridays from 10AM to 7PM. Don’t forget to sign the guest book—leave me a note, please! ;)

PS. By the way, check out the photos of my works here.


Monday, 24 March 08


This is Minerva. I created her as an “illustration” for a local magazine.

I’m exhausted. I wish I could write right now. I’ve been dying to write for days… but my brain refuses to cooperate! UGH. Sigh. I feel so guilty for neglecting my blog so I uploaded one of my digital collages instead. At least I have a new post, right? ;)

Wearable Art by Steph

Wednesday, 27 February 08

New Look

Oh, by the way, I have a new collection of handmade jewelry! Please go to my multiply site and check out the photos. For more information on how to get them, please email me at

Unique Christmas gifts from Magic Poppet

Monday, 5 November 07

Magic Poppet Design Studio

Christmas season has officially begun here in the Philippines. For those of you who are already working on your list and are thinking of buying something unique for your loved ones, may I suggest that–ehem, ehem–you get them custom made jewelry or an art work from–ehem, ehem–yours truly. :)

I have been making jewelry for more than a year now. It started as a hobby (don’t they always?) and then word got around that I could this and that, and then the next thing I knew, I was designing my very own website to sell my stuff! Yeah, sounds serious. :) I’m still adding some items here and there, so I can’t give you the web addy yet. I’m going to launch it real soon, though, so you don’t have to wait long.

You can start ordering now, though! :) Most of the pieces I create are custom made, so I try not to duplicate my designs. I will launch my “retail” line soon, but until then everything I make will be one-of-a-kind… which what makes them more special. :) Get in touch with me if you are interested in getting an original piece.

Here are some photos of some of my previous works:

Eat Your Heart Out

I made this one for a lady who wanted to have jewelry with a spoon and a fork. I gave her a dozen utensils in one necklace! Oh, I name each of my creations. This one is called “Eat Your Heart Out.”

Blue Pod Earrings

A friend ordered more than a dozen pairs of earrings from me about a month or two ago and she gave them out to her friends. We had a meeting and we talked about each one of her friends on the list. “Blue Pod” was for S who liked to go to the beach and look at the cool, blue ocean. I used Swarovski Crystal Pearls for this one and made the wire beads myself.

Wire Stilettos

If you’re not into accessories or jewelry, you might want to check these: I call them my “wire couture sculptures.” I made the first set for BARBA in May and people have been asking me to immortalize their favorite shoes and tops and skirts ever since. I also accept commissions for my other sculptures. You can see them here.

Interested? You can see more of my jewelry and wire art here. If you want something similar and original then email me ( and we’ll talk.

Ho-Ho-Ho. I hope to hear from you soon.

P.S. Am launching Magic Poppet Design Studio this month! I used parts of Valter Nepomuceno’s Black Minimalism WordPress theme for my website (and the photo above).

New Project

Friday, 26 October 07

Tales of Chimay-I

I am working on a graphic novel. The story is by Jessica Zafra and Jay Lozada. Read more about it here.

Shameless Self-Promotion

Tuesday, 25 September 07

For those of you who can speak Spanish and has time to kill today, Tuesday, at 13:00 Spanish time (19:00 in Manila), please listen as I try to squeak my way through a short interview about my art and sculptures. :) It will be aired here: Click on the “Radio Manila” button/logo and listen to the program.

It’s a bit of a laugh, really. It was a semi-ambush interview (I was prepared to talk about my work but didn’t know that I was supposed to do it in Spanish!) so I am not sure how it’s going to sound. Ngaaarrgh! They are only airing snippets of the informal interview (thank god), but they’re doing a whole feature on me and my work. It’s the first of their new series on Filipina Women. Whoohoo! :) Listen in if you have time and if you want to have a laugh. :)

I’ve just been featured! :)

Monday, 30 July 07

TalentDatabase Screen Shot

I know I said that I have too many sites for my my artworks already, but I couldn’t help but sign up when I read Natalie Roberts’s post about TalentDatabase. It’s a really cool site for visual artists, musicians, comedians, actors, etc, etc from all over the globe to promote their work. And this place is not just for “Talents”–publishers, organizers, and even fans can join. I can surf their directory all day! It’s quite addicting, actually. It’s crammed with wonderful and fascinating works of art. Sigh.

I signed up a couple of weeks ago and now I’ve been told that my listing has just been featured on the main page of the Art Portal channel in the TalentDatabase. How cool is that! You can see my page here: Magic Poppet’s Site. Please tell your friends about it! :) Thank you!

Heart on my sleeve

Monday, 9 July 07

Sculpting Frida’s heart

Happiness is: sculpting with clay.

Last weekend was one hell of a roller coaster ride. I was upset one minute, excited and exhilarated the next, then distracted and confused, interested and pumped-up, impatient and exhausted, then crashed into a much deserved dreamless sleep. It was good to see my bro and party with good, old friends, to veg alone for one whole afternoon, meet and bond with new people, buy new cute things, and finally, finally see “Transformers” on the big screen (Why, btw, didn’t the Decepticons just buy the damn glasses on Ebay?!?!?). It’s a pity, though, that I was too exhausted to watch the Wimbledon Men’s singles finals. My friends Dorski and Ella patiently texted a blow-by-blow account of the match, though, even if I was fast asleep. I had over 15 unread messages in my mobile by the time I woke up this morning! Thanks, girls! :)

A variety of emotions still simmer inside me as I reflect on the things that occurred the past couple of days. I still want to punch Kulit Bulilit in the face for being such an incompetent ass. I know better than to waste my precious time and energy bitching about him, but he is so incredibly and ridiculously annoying that I cannot help but frown when I think about him. Oh God, I am getting a headache again. That man is vile! And I am so upset that after all these years he could still distress me this way. I cannot let a pathetic imbecile do this to me. Sigh. But things happen for a reason… his turn will come in time.

Anyways, I really feel bad that Rafa Nadal didn’t win. He was soooo close to winning the title! I like Fed, but I really feel for my adopted countryman. Ugh… yes, like it or not, I really feel for those damn Spaniards! I would love to see Rafa raise the Wimbledon trophy one day. Oh well. He’s still young. At least people can’t accuse him of being just a clay court specialist. He proved yesterday that he’s good on any surface. His turn, too, will come in time.

My thoughts are still scattered. I need to do something right now, but I don’t know what. Maybe I’ll just catch up on my reading. My body is exhausted and it’s longing to retire for the day, but my mind is madly dashing around in circles. I had another eventful day. Too many things to think about. I’m so tired. I’m not complaining, though. In the end, it’s good to have days and weeks like this—-it pushes me to think about what I want and what I have. I just need to learn to ride the wave with more pizazz and grace.


Wednesday, 4 July 07

Frida Invite