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Gato de Velázquez

Thursday, 24 February 11

He reminds me of a Velázquez painting. ;o)


Why so serious? ;o)

Kitty burrito about to drink his vitamins.


101 Things in 1001 Days

Friday, 3 November 06


I’ve been putting this off for 10 months now. On New Year’s day I drew up a list of 101 things I wanted to do in 1001 days. I got the idea from Triplux, the website/blog of photographer Michael Green. The objective is simple: to complete 101 preset tasks in 1001 days. His criteria: “ Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on your part).”

I’ve accomplished a handful of my assignments since then, but I haven’t gotten around to doing #48 till tonight: “Publish this list on the web.” So here it is. Some are really silly while others give me the willies just by thinking about doing them. Oh, they are mostly the ones that I left blank here. You see, I’ve decided not to post my extremely private and personal goals. I can be quite superstitious sometimes, so prefer to keep them to myself for now. Don’t want to jinx them, ok? :)



Steph’s 101 things to do in 1001 days list
(from 1 January 2006—28 September 2008)


1) *********************** (almost there)


3) *********************** (working on it)

4) Learn how to sing/take singing lessons

5) Buy a laptop (11 October 2006)


7) Lose 5 kilos (August-September 2006)

8) Eat healthy everyday for a month (balanced meals, no junk)

9) Practice yoga everyday for 2 weeks (April 2006)

10) Memorize all the names of the Asanas of the Astanga Primary series



13) Have a solo exhibit

14) Build my own website/online portfolio (11 October 2006)

15) Write in my journal everyday for a month


17) Get another perm

18) Visit A

19) Visit D

20) Visit M (and S!)

21) Visit N

22) Move out (again!) and rent a flat (April 2006. I have to move again, though!!!)

23) Get a cat

24) Get my driver’s license (I just can’t be bothered to drive!)









33) Write a project proposal and send it (3 August 2006)


35) Go to Prague

36) Go to Japan

37) Learn a new language (French or German)


39) Enter a contest (I submitted an essay for a chance to win a scholarship… February?)

40) Write a short story

41) Illustrate a story

42) Watch the extended version of The Two Towers (July 2006)

43) Watch the extended version of The Return of the King (August 2006)

44) Read Anansi Boys (September 2006)

45) Watch Mirror Mask

46) Email Neil Gaiman or leave a comment in his blog

47) Dry clean my winter clothes

48) Publish this list on the web (TODAY!!! Yippeeee!!!)

49) Get up at 7AM for 1 week

50) Go to bed before midnight for a week

51) Do a detox diet for 3 days

52) Compile a list of my comic books (almost done…)

53) Compile a list of my books (Almost done…)


55) ***************** (May 2006)

56) Hug a rock in Ireland

57) Watch a Premiere League Football match live

58) Watch a Champions League match live

59) Visit the Museum of the Art Institute of Chicago again

60) Visit the New MOMA in New York

61) Buy a digital camera

62) Develop my B&W pictures (17 January 2006)

63) Donate money to charity (I don’t think giving coins count… has to be at least $100)

64) Add 10 more stamps in my WWF Panda Passport

65) Make a scrapbook of my life in Spain (Halfway through)

66) Throw away the stuff from Spain I am not going to use (2 October 2006)

67) Read “Something Wicked This Way Comes” again (4 October 2006)

68) Buy a scanner

69) Scan some of my drawings and post them on my blog (7 March 2006)

70) Invite 15 people to read my blog (January 2006)


72) Go to a high-tech, Super Spa for a day

73) Conduct an art workshop again

74) Fly first class!

75) Read “El Filibusterismo” in Spanish (I have to find a copy first!)

76) Post something in my blog everyday for 2 weeks

77) Start my own business (I am sort of doing it already)

78) Open another savings account (Holy Wednesday 2006)


80) Read Tarot cards again

81) Read “Sofie’s World” again

82) Memorize all the muscles and bones in the human body

83) Buy a book from an author I’ve never read




87) Get an International Medical Insurance

88) Meditate everyday for a week

89) Design a business card for myself (30 September 2006)

90) Plant my sunflower seeds (I have to buy new ones, I think they’re rotten already)

91) Follow a strict schedule for a week (i.e. wake up at 7, yoga at 7:30, breakfast at 9, etc)


93) ****************** (July 2006)

94) Finish the ( ) sculpture by the end of 2006 (Working on it…)


96) Write an article and have it published in a newspaper or magazine (Marie Claire, February 2006)

97) Draw a self portrait and post it

98) Submit a drawing to Illustration Friday (07 March 2006)


100) Create a photo album online and link it to my blog (18 January 2006)

101) Meet one of the cast members of LOTR