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Welcome to Disturbing the Universe (year 3). Please go and visit the first one, the original, here.


In this age of shortcuts and shameless, shameless self-promotion, I thought it best to write 100 things about moi so that you can get to know me, The Chief Disturber, a bit. Yes, I’m going for 100. I can’t think of things to write right now so this might take some time. You’ll have to read my posts, though, if you want a better glimpse of my space in the Universe.


Okay, here it goes:

  1. I live in my head most of the time.
  2. I think in pictures; sometimes words just get in the way.
  3. I love peanut butter.
  4. I get bored easily.
  5. When I was 12 my best friend and I created the FFF (Federation of Fellow Froggists). We made an alternate universe populated by frogs. I still have the maps and my membership card.
  6. I wanted to be an astrophysicist until I discovered that it involved a lot of math. I decided to just stick to reading science fiction.
  7. I cultivate moods.
  8. I forget to drink my vitamins sometimes.
  9. I have vivid dreams. I have recurring ones about vampires.
  10. My high school friends and I tried to form a band called “Shelob’s Lair.” I quit my guitar lessons after a week of having callused fingers. I liked our logo though.
  11. I almost didn’t graduate from college because of Spanish so I swore that I would never go to Spain. I lived there for 5 years.
  12. I love chai tea.
  13. I drink too much coffee sometimes.
  14. I hate playing team sports.
  15. I love watching them, though, especially football.
  16. My favorite team is, of course, FC Barcelona. Visca Barça!
  17. I love tennis.
  18. I am partial to Spanish tennis players.
  19. I stalked Alex Corretja at the 1997 Australian Open. (Wow, he now has a foundation)
  20. My brain turned into mush and my IQ plummeted to 30 when I finally met him.
  21. I enrolled at Instituto Cervantes the minute I got back to Manila.
  22. Five months later, I got a scholarship to study in Spain.
  23. I studied Japanese in Spanish.
  24. I love to read horror and fantasy books.
  25. I’ve read Ray Bradbury’s “Something Wicked This Way Comes” about 15 times.
  26. One of my favorite books of all time is “The Stranger” by Albert Camus.
  27. Another is Banana Yoshimoto’s NP.
  28. I always smell a book before buying it.
  29. Black or white. There are hardly any grays in my life.
  30. I eat butter with toast. Or anything else I could get my hands on, for that matter, as long as I can eat butter.
  31. I’m too curious sometimes and don’t know when to stop.
  32. I can stare and admire the moon for hours.
  33. I own 4 Tarot card decks, but one of them is incomplete.
  34. I can’t think straight when I am using a blue ballpoint pen.
  35. I love musicals and animated Disney movies.
  36. I love to sing when I am alone. In my head I sound like Lea Salonga, but in reality I am a natural, breezy third voice.
  37. I believe in magic.
  38. I really want to have a cat.
  39. I live somewhere near the borders of The Dreaming.
  40. I am a Leo with an ascendant in Aquarius & moon in Sagittarius, a combination of these 3 creates a curious and mercurial personality.



3 Responses to “Know more about me”

  1. Paolo Says:

    Hi Steph,

    I discovered your blog a couple of days ago. I don’t usually leave messages on other people’s blogs but I thought your work is pretty good. I’m sorry if your plans didn’t go as planned this year. But hold on to that dream of yours. I just remember back when I was younger that I wanted to take up the arts as well. Unfortunately I was discouraged by my folks and so I had to take the ‘safer and more practical’ route.

    I hope you don’t mind if I link to your blog.


  2. barrycyrus Says:

    # I love to sing when I am alone. In my head I sound like Lea Salonga, but in reality I am a natural, breezy third voice. hahaha i do love to sing when im alone too

  3. glory Says:

    this one is simple & nice.!

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