Twister having a ball ;o)

Meet Twister, the stray kitten I rescued two days before V-Day. Friends suggested that I name her Valentina o Caramia (I tried to bring her home in a cake box from that shop), but I found out later on that she was actually a he so that was the end of that. I thought of Vincent (I was having dinner at Van Gogh is Bipolar when he appeared) and Spock (I did a Star Trek movie marathon that weekend), but Twister seemed appropriate–he has a broken, crooked tail.  I’m not even allowed to have pets here at the apartment… but what the hey! He’s so quiet you barely notice that he’s there. He’s such a calm but playful kitten. I think I needed him more than he needed me, that’s why he appeared at my side that night and slept on my feet. How could I resist? ;o)


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