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Wednesday, 3 June 09

Grrrrrr… I’m a little bit upset. Just saw the hottest shoes on the market: YSL’s Spring 2009 Heels Collection. Here’s a sample:

YSL Lattice Work Heels

And another one:

YSL Spring 2009 Heels

And the boots:

YSL Cage Boots

The are great, even fabulous, BUT THEY REMIND ME OF MY SCULPTURES!!!! Look at this:

Vittorio Stilletos

And this:

Barba High Heels

And this cutie (I will freak out if I see a replica of this one!):

Ballet flats

I should have made real ones! Grrrrrrr…. Now I can’t even make real ones because people will think I copied their designs! Snaaaarrrrl… No wonder my friend Kat was insistent that I looked it up! Grrrrrr…
I’m really upset now.

Sigh…. You can check out my collection here or here. Hmmp!

Dang, I’m getting a headache!