Confessions of a lapse blogger

It has been 88 days since my last entry. I am sorry for the days that I have been absent from cyberspace (or at least this particular bit in cyberspace). I detest all my virtual, pixelated sins, but most of all for being with “another.” I have been frequenting other websites and have cultivated an addiction to this nefarious place called “Facebook.” Instead of posting my thoughts and photos here, I have given in to the temptation of Super Poking, to bartering online friends, to rating the hotness of others, to being a frequent status updater, and committing constant comment spamming. I profoundly apologize for these infractions and I firmly resolve, with utmost sincerity, to make up for lost time and do penance and amend my life as a wordpress blogger. Amen.



One Response to “Confessions of a lapse blogger”

  1. Marlon Says:

    Blog Action Day (October 15, 2008). Let’s blog against poverty/ Blogueemos contra la pobreza.

    More info on/ Más información en

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