Día del Libro 2008, Instituto Cervantes de Manila

Día del Libro 2008, Instituto Cervantes de Manila – Animé

For those of you who are based in Manila, please go to the International Book Day Festival at Insituto Cervantes, 855 TM Kalaw Street, Ermita (it’s near the LRT United Nations station), on the 19th of April, Saturday, from 10AM till Midnight. Booths will be set up to sell books and Spanish delicacies. Other activities are also lined up, such as film shows and performances.

El Día del Libro is based on a Catalan Holiday called La Diada de Sant Jordi (Feast of St. George), which is also known as el dia de la rosa (The Day of the Rose) or el dia del llibre (The Day of the Book). It is usually celebrated on April 23 and is considered as the Spanish version of Valentine’s Day since sweethearts are expected to exchange gifts to celebrate the occasion—-a man gives his girlfriend or wife roses, while the woman gives her boyfriend or husband a book. I think that it would be nice, though, if it were the other way around–if the women give the men roses and the men give the women books! hehehehe. I appreciate flowers as any other girl out there, but I am an incurable nerd and a geek! ;)

Happy perusing and see you guys there! :)


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