Twisted 8 by Jessica Zafra


Friends! Please email me at or if you want to get a copy of Filipino writer/ columnist/blogger Jessica Zafra’s newest book “Twisted 8: The Night of the Living Twisted.” You can also avail of autographed copies – just specify the name of the person you want it “dedicated to” when you purchase. ;)


Publisher’s Note

Boy meets girl. Girl falls in love with boy. Boy makes sexual advances towards girl. Girl eats boy! Thankfully, this is not the plot of the book which I now compel you to read – the continuing Twisted saga that catapulted Jessica Zafra to success and acclaim as the voice of Generation-X and the displaced youth who read her in the mid 1990s (although she won’t admit to this). These same people have now evolved into the establishment, middle-management and people with disposable income and now our target audience.

I first met Jessica about 10 years ago after I had written to her complaining about a shortage of cat food. That fan mail resulted in a friendship that has since evolved into a professional partnership, and I have subsequently designed The 500 People You Meet in Hell, four books in her Twisted series, along with other books and magazines she has edited. It was Jessica who gave me my first writing break via my column Ukay-ukay, which appeared regularly in her Flip Magazine.

“Twisted 8: The Night of the Living Twisted” is similar in design to a non-linear novel with the titles of the essays as sub-headings. It is possible to peruse this book like an iPod in random mode, containing as it does exactly what one expects from Jessica Zafra’s work: essays pertaining to cats, books, film, travel, tennis, and her personal diaries, plus 3 Bonus Tracks of previously unpublished short stories.

Zeus Books is the fulfillment of our dream to publish what we ourselves would want to read, and is our contribution to the campaign to reduce the amount of stupidity in the world.

Ige Ramos / Zeus Books


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    hi i want to ask that this is your essay???

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