In Memoriam

The Little One

Little Loki
August – October 2007

Names have power. I was thinking about that when I named the latest canine addition to our family. The maid rescued him from the neighbors who were bleaching his fur with Chlorox (I guess everyone—including pets—have to be immaculately white to be deemed acceptable in Philippine society). He was a mischievous little rascal with sad charming eyes, sharp teeth and claws. He made his presence felt the minute he trotted in—he emitted a high pitched bark and tirelessly yowled at the older dogs who were shocked, scared, excited, and intrigued by his presence. No one attacked; a lot of sniffing and tail wagging ensued. At the end of the meeting all the witnesses agreed on one thing: the new Alpha Male was in da house.

Loki was the only name I could think of and he lived up to it as days and weeks passed by. Like his namesake, he was getting increasingly endearing and dangerous at the same time. He loved to lick people’s toes and gently nibble on their ankles. Once their guard was down, though, he would viciously attack their flip-flops. It usually took 3 pairs of steady hands and a crowbar to pry the mangled rubber slippers from his jaws. The other dogs also fell victim to his wily charms—they would run around, chasing after a bird one minute and then, frustrated, the Little One would pounce and start chomping on their tails the next. He was beguiling and unpredictable, but we all fell for him.

We didn’t realize, though, that as he wormed through our hearts, something else was worming through his. He lost his appetite last Tuesday and moped around all day. On Wednesday morning they found blood in his stool. He was gone by 7PM that night.


Here’s to you, sweet Loki. I hope that you are somewhere in canine Heaven playfully harassing other dogs and having your fill of your favorite Havaianas.

Goodnight, Little One. You will never be forgotten.


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2 Responses to “In Memoriam”

  1. jizogarden Says:

    so sorry that Loki is gone….he had a lovely life for a short while thanks to your care

    Wishing you peace and comfort,

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