Brain Drain

Sam the Reaper (front) working with his posse

Ahh… television. I gave it up last year. It was eating up my time and my brain so I decided to bin my TV and do something productive with my life. It wasn’t as difficult as I had imagined it would be; after a while I stopped missing my erstwhile daily companions—the Discovery Channel, BBC, Star World, and the Cartoon Network. It did wonders to my creativity, I must say. I had more time to read, write, draw… The static was gone and I was beginning to think clearly again.

Then I discovered torrents. Dangerous, dangerous, I thought at first. It made me yearn for my old friends–to see ALL of them–but then I realized that it offered me a choice, it gave me some sense of control over my… ehrm… addiction. I could choose which ones to see and which ones to ignore, plus, when and where to see them. It was a good compromise, I said. At least I was going to learn some discipline! Better than starving my senses to death. So I revved up my Azureus and never looked back.

A month or so has passed since the latest season started. I’ve made a promise to myself to only download a maximum of ten shows and then maybe get rid of 3 or 4 after the Christmas break. Hey, I don’t want to fall off the bandwagon and give into sloth again. It’s too early to tell which ones will remain in my hard drive and which ones will be unceremoniously dumped in the recycle bin at the end of the year. So far, here’s a list of what’s been catching my eye:

My guilty pleasure for this season: the CW. Veronica Mars may be gone, but this channel still rules. The shows: Reaper (It’s idiotic and I love every minute of it! It had me when Sam The Reaper whipped out the Dirt Devil vacuum. Kevin Smith directed the pilot. Silliness rocks, dude. This is a good candidate to become Buffy’s successor.), Gossip Girl (It’s Dynasty for the postmodern teenager. Love the cat fights.), and Supernatural (Three years and I still love it–exorcisms, existential angst, classic mullet hair rock and roll music, a cool car, and—let’s not forget—eye candy.). Another great thing about the network: their website. You can watch an episode of Gossip Girl, go to the Style Section, and order what Blair was wearing at the slumber party or something. HAH! It appeals to the greedy consumer in me. Heh, I know. PATHETIC.

True love: HOUSE (I need Hugh) and Battlestar Galactica (I’m a scifi freak. I’m downloading old episodes).

On probation: Heroes (I’m still not over the stupid first season ending and I am getting bored and annoyed with the Claire-centric storyline. I’m glad Kristin Bell is on board–she was ok during her debut scenes–but I want more. Maybe I’m picking on it because I’ve read so much comic books in my lifetime or I have undiagnosed ADD, but, please, enough with the gimmicks and beef up your story! I found it predictable in the first season, but I overlooked it, and now? Tsk, tsk. I might say Bye-Bye to this one soon. Or just borrow the DVD from someone and save on precious disk space); Bionic Woman (The steroid user sister of Alias. Where’s the tenenenenen bionic sound effect? The lead needs a shot of personality!); Journeyman (I miss Rome. It reminds me of that book, The Time Traveler’s Wife.), Flash Gordon (Steph the Geek misses Star Trek. It’s so campy [read: low budget] and absurd, though, so it might move up to “True Love” status. It’s the epitome of Nonsense.).

Queued: I like Weeds and Brothers and Sisters, but I haven’t seen the new episodes yet. I am also waiting for The Tudors to return, if it is returning at all. I want to see more of Jonathan!

So there. My “cheese puffs.” You people out there probably think that I have the lamest and most pitiable taste in the world when it comes to TV. That could be true, but I see television and these shows as a place to escape and NOT think, so why not go all the way and indulge in total nonsense and the absurd? I get the serious stuff in real life anyway, right? :)


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11 Responses to “Brain Drain”

  1. Paolo Says:

    I’m currently crazy about ‘Pushing Daisies.’ You might want to check that TV show out. For your sci-fi fix, you might want to check out Firefly (and the movie Serenity).

  2. magicpoppet Says:

    I read about “Pushing Daisies” somewhere… Thanks, will check it out. “Firefly” only lasted one or two seasons, right? It’s a pity most (if not all) critically acclaimed shows don’t last long on the air. My Sci-Fi buddies all love “Firefly.” I’ll look for “Serenity.” Which reminds me… would you know if they pushed through with the Sci-Fi convention last weekend? Hmmm… will google for news.

  3. Paolo Says:

    “It’s a good show? Oh no we’re going to get cancelled!” quoted from Lee Pace (lead for Pushing Daisies).

    It is indeed a pity that just like other things, TV networks are more concerned about the bottom line. Networks rarely acknowledge that art needs to be made for art’s sake. Firefly didn’t even make it to a full season (only 11 out of the 14 made it to TV). Thankfully Joss Whedon believed in the project so much that he was able to convince someone to release all 14 in DVD. If Firefly is your cup of tea, you will find a comic book called Serenity:Those Who Were Left Behind that ties the events of Firefly to Serenity.

    I don’t know anything about the Sci-Fi convention that you’re talking about.

  4. magicpoppet Says:

    Hey, thanks! I will definitely look for Firefly AND Serenity. BTW, I have the first episode of “Pushing Daisies”! I’ll try to watch it later. Have to finish part of my project first. hehehe. Thanks again for the tip.

    Sigh… money does make the world go round. :( Hay naku, don’t get me started on the whole art and selling thing! I have to deal with that crap practically everyday. Ugh.

    Oh, I found news about the Sci-Fi convention (New Worlds 5:The 5th Philippine Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention). They pushed through with it last weekend. Here’s a link to their site: I think I went to their first one (at Mile Long, I think).

  5. Jaja Says:

    yes for “Pushing Daisies”, best show this fall.You might also want to check out Dirty Sexy Money.

  6. Joyce Says:

    Hi Steph!

    My couch potato’s LIST:

    1. HOUSE- He is bloody brilliant. I want to marry HUGH LAURIE
    2. PUSHING DAISIES- tim burton-ish and unique storyline
    3. HEROES- hmmm.. I’m a big X-MEN fan so.. Yeah, I got hooked to this show pretty much like everyone I know. They have a large fan base here in the Phil. HEROES PHIL. even joined the annual sci-fi convention. Anyway, tamang tama lang. They’re showing season 2 on RPN ans C/S..but then again you’re not watching TV anymore. :)
    4. SUPERNATURAL- Sam and Dean..evil clowns, demons, malevolent spirits…bring it on!
    I have yet to see BIONIC WOMAN and REAPER…


  7. magicpoppet Says:

    Oh my God… “Pushing Daisies” is so “Amelie”! I love it. It’s now #3 on my list. Paolo, thanks for recommending it. I saw 1 & 2 already and I cannot, CANNOT wait to see more. Yep, my Azureus is going to do some serious downloading this weekend. :)

    Hi Jaja. Thanks, will check it out soon. Let me finish PD first! :)

    Hey Joyce. I hated the last episode of Heroes so I think I’m going to drop it na. It’s been 6 episodes and my heart hasn’t skipped a beat yet. So, adios. Yeah, PD is a bit like “Big Fish”… I like it the way it is pero sana it gets even more Tim Burton-ish. hehehehe. Yeah, I’m really morbid and dark. I hope it doesn’t get too cute! :) Did you like “Dogma”? If you hated it then you’ll probably hate “Reaper,” too. It’s a bit… crass. BTW, did you go to the sci-fi convention? How was it?

  8. joyce Says:

    dogma…hmmm..was MATT DAMON or BEN AFFLECK there or both…I think I watched it before…never left a mark in my brain..hmmm..*rebooting memory*

    Yup I went…It was the longest day of my life..Haha.I was there from ingress..It was fun! Many had their costumes on. I wasn’t in ONE though..I’m not yet on the cosplay business. I was simply an exhibitor..**boring**Maybe next year, we’ll make it bigger..with standees and stuff.. It was all surreal..Sayang my trusty cam has gone haywire! Wala tuloy kaming picture ni Darth Vader…But we had some pictures taken at our booth..posted it in the LOST multiply account…

    I love TIM BURTON..haha Not in fanatic way but I love watching his movies.. Dark and twisted.. It’s so me (sometimes).


  9. magicpoppet Says:

    Yep, Matt and Ben are both in Dogma. They play the angels who are trying to return to heaven. I enjoyed watching that movie! It’s usually not my kind of thing–I prefer aesthetically dark and morbid and really violent movies–but it’s silly and absurd, so… It got mixed reviews I think. Kevin Smith is super crass. hehehehe. Alanis Morisette is in it–she’s God.

    You had a booth?!?! Serious! What was it? I’ve been wanting to go to a Sci-Fi convention for ages. As in! I went to a ComicCon in Barcelona a couple of years ago. I felt bad cos I wasn’t wearing a costume. :( Yes, I am a super geek. I want to go as a Klingon. I can make the ridges on my forehead–hello, I’m a sculptor–and my hair is wild enough. :) I have to review my Klingon, though. I have a dictionary somewhere…

    Tim Burton is my idol!

  10. Joyce Says:

    Hahaha.You’re a Trekkie? They had a booth too.. There’s a group there for Star Trek fans called VIA ASTRIS .Wow. You went to ComicCon! I want to go to San Diego… Been wanting to get someone to sponsor our fandom….haaaay… I belong to LOST in the Philippines .We finally have our very first booth..It was fun! The pictures are posted here: konti lang…Sana you went.. :)

  11. magicpoppet Says:

    A Trekker, actually. I love the Original series, but, man, Capt. Picard is my guy. I have action figures, dolls, etc of Data, Jean Luc… I even have a model of the Engine Room! Oh, and a communicator thingie. I also love Voyager. I have the BORG collection–all the ST episodes (+ movie) featuring them. It’s so good! I’ve been to a Via Astris meeting. A friend dragged me to their anniversary party last year. I had fun! Good people, good group.

    I stopped watching Lost after the 2nd season ended. Yeah, they didn’t make the cut. I didn’t know there was a group here. Sige, I’ll check out your site later. Let me know if you guys are going to participate in an event soon and I’ll try to go. :)

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