A tad early

Christmas comes really early in the Philippines—our neighbors have already added “Jingle Bell Rock” to their weekly karaoke repertoire, I’ve received invitations for dinners and get-togethers, and there are countdowns to December 25th on TV. Can’t they wait till after Halloween? This just means one thing for me, really—my transformation into the Grinch will also start pronto. Sigh.

I’m going to make an effort, though, not to turn into a live, little bitter melon this year. I’m starting my own “Christmas Cheer” project (I need a better name for it, though!) and try to find ways to make myself look forward to and enjoy (or at least tolerate) C-Day. How about drawing up a Christmas list for myself and my friends? A little materialism always makes the heart beat faster. ;) On top of my lust list: sushi pillows. I know… lame. Hey, I’m a silly little girl and this kind of non-sense makes me flash my pearly whites at people (scary, scary). Tell me you don’t find these cute:

Neil with his Sushi Pillows

Even Neil likes them. How about this:

Ebi Nigiri

The only problem I’d have with having these around would be that I’d be hungry all the time. But then, I’m always hungry anyway so it’s okay. :)


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