Help an artist in need

Chains by Alice McMahon White

No, I haven’t started another crazy fund raising project for myself. This time around I’m asking for help on behalf of one of my fellow artists on Talentdatabase, Alice McMahon White. She’s one of the 12 finalists of the knock-out phase of Saatchi Gallery’s Showdown. The two artworks with the highest vote will enter a final head-to-head to decide the overall SHOWDOWN winner. Why the big fuss? The grand prize winner will have a show at the prestigious Saatchi Gallery in London this Autumn. Yes, the Saatchi Gallery.

Alice’s entry is called “Chains.” It’s part of her “White Album” series, composed of pastels and drawings inspired by Beatles tunes. She describes it as “literally a labor of love, twenty years in the making. A quirky “photo-realism” album of my three teenagers, it is foremost a portrait of adolescence… I was on the threshold of my own teen years when the Beatles were the soundtrack for the hippy era. This work draws parallels between then and now, and highlights the universal, eternal character of coming of age.”

Alice is largely a self-taught artist. I am awed by her natural talent… she is a master of photo-realism painting. I see her work and I am inspired to improve my craft. She makes me believe that I could be a great artist too whether or not I get that $%^&# FA degree or not.

So let’s show her some luv. This is a bit last minute, but I am not one to give up. :) Don’t worry, you don’t need to sign up to vote. Two clicks and you’re done. Just go to the Saatchi Gallery, look for “Chains” (Round 2 showdown winner), give it a rating of 10 stars, and then spread the word and encourage your friends to do the same thing. :)

Voting ends at 23:59 today, Sunday, 26 August 2007 (London time), so that’s at 07:59 Monday morning in Manila, 19:59, Sunday, in New York and 16:59, Sunday, in San Francisco. Go to The World Clock Time converter to check the time in your area.

The clock is ticking, my friends, so let’s start clicking! :)


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