Birthday loot

It’s been a while since I’ve actually enjoyed celebrating the anniversary of my existence on this plane of ours. It comes with age, they say. I’ve had so many already that I didn’t expect this one to be any different from the previous years’ festivities (or absence of revelry). Boy, was I wrong; I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday weekend! I am once again reminded that I do like surprises—the simple, heartfelt ones and not the hollywood-inspired, cutre/baduy/tacky showcases—and even though I see myself at times as a natural grinch and an indubitable hermit, it’s nice to be with others and, as people would say, feel the luv.

And feel the luv, I did. I didn’t turn into Harry Potter, mind you, but I was enveloped by the warmth of friendship and family throughout the weekend. JEEEEZ. I never thought I’ll ever hear myself say that much less blog about it. Cheesiness must really come with age. Heh. There were no fireworks or rowdy parties—I had a blast without a drop of alcohol or a milligram of nicotine in my system—just a series of long, genuine conversations, overall silliness, gabfests, sweet emails, unexpected phone calls and text messages, and loads of chocolate and cakes (the frozen Brazo de Mercedes was divine!). They made this year extra special and gave me one of the best birthday loots I’ve ever amassed in a long while.

Here’s to past, present, far away, and absent friends. Muchas gracias.


2 Responses to “Birthday loot”

  1. joyce Says:

    Hey Steph. When was your birthday?? I just celebrated my 23rd yr last sunday.. bummer. well, happy birthday anyways. well wishes!

  2. magicpoppet Says:

    Hi Joyce. August 3rd. I am still celebrating my birthday. :) Feliz cumpleaños to you, too!

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