The Dreaded Epilogue

I can’t help it. After staying away from MuggleNet for some time, I finally went back there for a visit and saw an article about Alfonso Cuarón. If he ends up making the last film…! I found some other stuff–JK interviews, etc, etc–and will read/watch them all later. Being curious is really exhausting! hehehehe.

I must confess that I still haven’t read the book again and have no plans of doing it soon. I’ll probably lend it to my brother first and then read it when all the hoopla has totally died down. I am tempted to read Azkaban, though. I re-read it right after I finished Deathly Hollows and then read the Spanish translation. I just wanted to go back to that time—it’s still the tightest and smoothest of all of her books. I wish I could read the first again, though. I cannot seem to find my copy. I have the dust cover, but the book has been missing for a while. Hmmm… Let me just go and find it.


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