Yey, Grendel!


I can’t wait for BEOWULF to come out. Here’s the trailer and the website.

I am excited to see this because 1) the screenplay is by Neil Gaiman (yeah, I’m mentioning him again in my blog), 2) it’s 100% CGI and in 3D (prepare to wear goggles), and 3) I really love the story of Grendel… ehrm… I mean, Beowulf. I still have my book from High School. We had to read it along with “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” (another favorite of mine. Tolkien did a translation!) and other cool, classic stories. I still remember those books because they fed and fueled my imagination. Ah, the violence.

“Then the monster charged again, vomiting
Fire, wild with pain, rushed out
Fierce and dreadful, its fear forgotten.
Watching for its chance it drove its tusks
Into Beowulf’s neck; he staggered, the blood
Came flooding forth, fell like rain.”

—From Burton Raffel’s translation

PS. I am not too keen on the movie’s poster, though. Less Angelina Jolie, please.


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