On the rudeness of others

My Frida Installation

I received this in my Yahoo mailbox today–My Daily Buddhist Wisdom: “Focus on what you do”

not on the rudenesses of others,
not on what they’ve done
or left undone,
but on what you
have & haven’t done

-Dhammapada, 4, translation by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.

How apt. :)

Sometimes it’s hard to just focus on myself and how I react to people and circumstances when I have to deal with needy and clingy people or maleducados and insolent individuals. At the end of the day I can only control myself and not others. It is not my responsibility nor do I have the capacity to change them (if they don’t see that they need to change).

Hay naku, I am staying away from Divas (or the wannabe Divas), drama queens, vampires, leeches, and damsels/boylets in distress. I’ve had enough of covering up for other people’s incompetencies or bearing the brunt of their stupid actions. I’m also done dealing with and taking care of other people’s crap. Don’t they realize that it is rude to dump all their problems on my doorstep? It’s partly my fault sometimes, though, I have to admit. I make myself too accessible to these people. Well, I’ve had enough. I really have to get rid of my Messianic and “good girl” tendencies. These people are old enough to take care of themselves; they don’t need me to hold their hand. Besides, I am tired of all the whining and woe-is-me attitude. I have enough on my plate as it is. Please, I sincerely hope that they do not try to make me feel guilty because I will see through it. They do not want to know what I’ll do to them if they attempt to put me on a guilt trip. I am really in a foul mood. They can be a victim all they want, but me, I’m staying out of their crappy movie.

Uffff! Now that I got that out of my system, I can finally move on and focus on myself.


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