Nonsense notes

I’m taking another breather (Read: I’m trying to run away again. Slacker), so I thought I’d blog. My old friend, El Quijote de Manila, was right–this is kind of therapeutic! (Hey, dude, I hope you don’t mind me tagging you)

Nonsense #1: I’ve been reading Neil Gaiman’s blog and was disappointed to see that Maddy (his daughter) has not posted anything new. She’s been guest blogging on her dad’s journal. She is so adorable. I am green with envy, though, because she’s not only Neil’s daughter, now she gets to hang out with Guillermo del Torro and Selma Blair at the set of Hellboy 2. That should be me!!! Not the daughter part, just the hanging out. :)

Nonsense #2: I am so glad it’s July already. It’s Harry Potter month!!! I am so excited to get my hands on the 7th and final book. I can’t wait to find out if JK is finally going to kill Harry. I hope to God it’s good. I am also looking forward to see the next film. That’s my least favorite book (I don’t know why… maybe because Sirius Black died?), but I want to see how it would translate on the big screen. Besides, I’ve been seeing posters of the movie on EDSA. Damn, those things really work, don’t they? Now I can’t wait for it to come out!

Nonsense #3: For fears of being inadvertently dragged into a bloody protest march against ABS-CBN channel 2, my friend and I had to take a detour going home last night to avoid the Cubao area. It was the finals of Pinoy Big Brother 2 at the Araneta Coliseum and, apparently, things were already heating up. For the past couple of weeks, allegations of rigging the results were being circulated around the net and fans were getting upset because the Villain of the show was being set up by the network to win. Hmmm… You guys don’t actually think these reality shows are clean, no?!? Honestly. I don’t watch TV (Thank god for torrents!), so I tried to extract all the information about the brouhaha from my friend. She didn’t know much about the show either, so we agreed to just google PBB to get all the dirt. I did my “research” and got bits and pieces about the whole game. I didn’t have the patience to watch all the YouTube videos, read the comments and blog entries–there was a lot of crying, name calling, finger-pointing, back-stabbing, nervous breakdowns, etc, etc. The usual ingredients for a successful telenovela (minus the hair-pulling and gun shooting. Damn!). The controversial woman didn’t win the title or bag the biggest prize, but, in my opinion, she was, as they called it, the “big winner” in the end. Google Pinoy Big Brother 2 and her name comes out in each hit. Good or bad, this girl is getting all the publicity. It looks like the people who hate her are doing her a favor by talking about her. She might just get a career in TV out of this controversy thanks to her detractors. Ain’t that ironic? Now that’s a lot of nonsense.


One Response to “Nonsense notes”

  1. Mac! Says:

    Exactly. Evil girl Wendy realized early on that she’s not going to win by being patweetums so she does it by being all-out b*tchy. By the looks of it, she’s suceeding.

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