My Visual DNA

Read my VisualDNA Get your own VisualDNA™

Hmmm… I can’t put Java widgets in my blog! Grrr…. Click on the link above to see my visual DNA. What’s yours?


4 Responses to “My Visual DNA”

  1. Benjie Says:

    hey steph,

    took these months ago (

    we share the same “art” and “holiday” i think.


  2. magicpoppet Says:

    Benjie!!! How are you? The Visual DNA thing is fun. :) Hey, how are you guys? It’s Vickie’s bday next week!

    BTW, belated thanks for tagging me. hehehehe. “Steph-the-full-time-artist-part-time-grinch”… I LOVE it. I’m a full time grinch, though. hehehehe.

    I miss you guys! :(

  3. Benjie Says:

    hey steph,

    we’re good, though still pining for the comforts of metro manila.

    we miss you, too!

    (so whadayasay? shall we do that Big Draw project?)


  4. magicpoppet Says:

    Yep, yep, yep! I’ll ask my other friends to help us. Uhmm… how do we do this? :)

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