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They’re baaaack

Friday, 29 June 07

“Abstain you from all evil spice.” –John Wyclif (1.Thess,v. 22).

The Spice Girls are going on a reunion world tour starting December. They will kick it off in Los Angeles (TomKat will definitely be there) and head off to major cities like London, New York, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, Sydney, and Peking.

The not-so-spicy old ladies

Girls? Matronly, perhaps. Now who’s Scary Spice again… I think that should be Victoria from now on.


My Visual DNA

Wednesday, 27 June 07

Read my VisualDNA Get your own VisualDNA™

Hmmm… I can’t put Java widgets in my blog! Grrr…. Click on the link above to see my visual DNA. What’s yours?


Wednesday, 27 June 07


“It has been a long chase, if I may say so, but I am finally here,” said Henry during his presentation. You said it! I am just glad you are finally part of the team.

I know, I know… I should write about something else. Actually write something instead of just posting nonsense. But, it’s my blog and this is a place for my nonsense. I really love football and Henry and FCB and… well, all of these things relax me. :)

Anyways–Benvingut Thierry! The culés already love you. Cool, they even gave you Cruyff’s number.

PS. I don’t like the sound of this, though: Inter Back For Deco, Barça Look To Lampard Again


Por fin!

Saturday, 23 June 07

Whew. Finally. After months of speculating about his future, Henry has finally confirmed that he’s moving to Barcelona next season.



Thursday, 21 June 07

MADtv – Heroes Parody

This is hilarious.


Monday, 18 June 07

Barcelona won 1-4 against Tarragona, but Real Madrid came back after being down 1-0 and scored 3 goals. Ugh. Roberto Carlos says goodbye to Bernabeu with a bang and Becks goes to Hollywood with another title under his belt. Gross.

P.S. Lighter, less intense football news…

Sunday, 17 June 07

Liverpool’s cutie Captain Steven Gerrard married his long-time girlfriend Alex Curran yesterday. Sigh.

Arsenal and FC Barcelona are still haggling over Thierry Henry (they seem to do this every year…). Did you guys see him at the French Open Finals? :) I hope the French striker moves to Spain next season, plus, if he does decide to go there, I hope they don’t give him a hard time. Some maleducado Spanish fans might continue to hurl racist remarks at him. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Down to the wire

Sunday, 17 June 07

It will be all decided tonight. Will it be Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, or Sevilla?

I hate to admit it, but I am actually enjoying this. We haven’t seen an “ending” to the Spanish Football League as exciting as this for a looong, loooong time. The winning team usually dominates the group and the table and is proclaimed winner weeks before the official last day of the season. This time around it is different. Madrid is on top, followed by Barcelona, and then Sevilla. Madrid and Barcelona have equal points, but Madrid has an advantage over the Catalans on head-to-head goal average. Sevilla is only 2 points behind both teams. The whole of Spain and football fans all over the world will be chomping on their nails and will be glued to the tele tonight. You bet I’ll be one of them!

I am praying for Barça to win against Gimnàstic de Tarragona (A Catalan team that will be relegated to the second division next year), Madrid to draw or lose against Mallorca (Eleventh placer but held Sevilla to a 0-0 draw last week; they can do it again this weekend!), and Sevilla to also draw or lose against Villareal (6th in the table). I believe, I believe, I believe.

I can imagine the Culés (loyal Barcelona fans) celebrating in front of the Font de Canalletes on Las Ramblas as I did in 2005. I believe, I believe, I believe.

Barcelona could have won their 3rd consecutive league title last weekend (Sevilla drew, Madrid was losing but drew in the last minute, and Barça was winning but Espanyol drew in the final second), but winning this weekend would be so much better. Their victory would be so much sweeter.

tots units fem força
son molts anys plens d’afanys
son molts gols que hem cridat
i s’ha demostrat, s’ha demostrat
que mai ningú no ens podrà tòrcer
blaugrana al vent,
un crit valent
tenim un nom,
el sap tothom

Visca Barça! Let the games begin.


Saturday, 16 June 07

I am getting restless again… Was brainlessly surfing the net and found these photos:

Miss Universe 2007


It’s a really lovely Gucci dress. It looks good on Miss Universe 2007 AND Oprah. Hmmm… as you can see, I am really getting fretful again. I want my brain back.

PS. I’ve been downloading the Heroes comic books. I was disappointed with how they wrapped up the first season, but I am still looking forward to the next one. I absolutely love Milo/Peter Petrelli.

Milo Ventimiglia a.k.a. Peter Petrelli

Like I said, I want my brain back. I think Sylar took it a couple of weeks ago. Sigh. Oh yeah, I love him, too.

Delayed spring cleaning

Wednesday, 6 June 07

There’s something in the stars or the air right now that is making me want to throw everything out the window and start my life on a clean slate. Maybe this could also be the lingering effects of the influence of last week’s blue moon on my mood. Sigh. Well, whatever it is, I am itching for a change.

  • I want to fly away and build another nest for myself.
  • I love my accessories, but I am tired of using the same beads over and over again. I want to keep making wire jewelry like this one:

Wire Necktie by Steph

  • I love making sculptures, but I want to do more! I want to make installations with videos, lights, sounds, etcetera, etcetera.
  • I love my laptop, but now I want this or this.
  • I’ve quit smoking so many times. I want this to be last time I do it. I don’t want to keep destroying myself in order to create.
  • I want to eat healthy and live longer so I can make more art, art, and ART!
  • I want to be able to sleep again.
  • I want to keep focused on what I really want for myself, to hold on to the future I envisioned, and believe that my intuition knows what is right for me so I should listen and heed to its warnings and advice.
  • I want to stay true to myself even it means being seen as a jerk, bitch, or coward. What do they know about my life anyway?

I want, I want, I want… So many things to do, to say, to work out, to clean out, to dump. I want everything to be clear again, get all the cobwebs out of my system, the static out of my head, and all the extra garnishing off of my system. I’ve gone through this a hundred million times before… I KNOW what to do, I know what is right for me and what I should avoid… why do I keep making the same mistakes? Why do I worry about the same things?


My life has been a little bit of a circus of late–fun, colorful, entertaining, and educational, but also confusing, distracting, and freakish. I just want to get my bearings back and make sense of this upside down world. I’m screening all of my thoughts, my files, my works… I don’t want to get sucked into something that’s not right for me or get carried away by all the excitement and fanciful colors. Something isn’t right here. I need some time to take a deep breath and just be.

Bottom line is, I just want to see, to believe in, and remain Steph again. I miss that little nutter.