Barba Wired

Vittorio Trousers (BARBA exhibit, May 9, Greenbelt 3 lobby)

Photo by VikiBi, taken at 6’30ish AM


My wire sculptures are currently on display at the lobby of the Greenbelt 3 mall, Makati City. I think they will be there for another week or so.

I’ve never done anything like this before. A couple of months ago, the ingenious Filipino fashion designer Vic Barba asked me to make a handful of wire sculptures for the preview/exhibit of his new boutique at Greenbelt 5. The building is not even up yet (the shop opens in October), but the developers wanted to start announcing the stores that were going to open there. He wanted something different—he didn’t want to display the actual clothes or photos of his previous work—so he asked me to recreate (make my own interpretation of) his designs. It looked like an insurmountable, incredibly intimidating task, a challenge to my sculptural and artistic skills. I wanted to run the other way, but, of course, I accepted the job. I immediately prayed to all the gods of creativity to help me figure out how to make this happen.

After months of experimenting, cutting, bending, of shedding blood, sweat, and tears (probably an unconscious offering to the gods), we finally finished the fashion-art installation and opened the exhibit last Wednesday, May 9th.

I am still recuperating from the countless sleepless nights and frenzied working days laboring over each piece. I’ve never experienced anything like this before and I still don’t know what to make of it. It took me 5 days to actually sit down and write about it. I still haven’t recovered from the entire hullabaloo and the response I got from that night. I think I shall reserve that for another post, when my thoughts are a little bit more coherent and I have my head on straight.

In the meantime, here are some pics of my new wired work.


7 Responses to “Barba Wired”

  1. Benjie Says:

    The work is lovely, steph! Congratulations.

    You would have loved this recent exhibit in MOCA in LA. (

    I saw it and I definitely think your work would have had a place there.

  2. Luya Says:

    Ah, finally, pictures. Yikes, did you all that bending and clipping? Sorry to have missed it. It looks great!

    P.S. Thanks for the packet from L.

  3. surrealmuse Says:

    I’m in awe! I love wire sculpture, and have been playing around making little dragonflies so I could only imagine what a undertaking this was. bravo!!

  4. magicpoppet Says:

    Benjie!!! Thanks. :) I really think that in an alternate universe I could be an engineer or an architect. Now I know I can build structures!!! Maybe we could work together, huh?

    Luya!!!! Thanks, too! Yes, I did all the work. Crazy, no? I’ve got battle scars all over my body because I had to hug, sit, kneel, and step on the wire to bend it to the shape that I wanted. Will Power!!! Funny–during the opening, one of the guests couldn’t believe that I was the one who made all the sculptures. She thought I looked “sweet and fragile.” Me? Since when?!?!? MWAHAHAHAHA.

    Surrealmuse!!! Thanks, again! I left a note in your blog. Hope you got it! :)

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