Matthäus to coach Munchen?

Lothar Herbert Matthäus may be tapped to replace Ottmar Hitzfeld as Bayern Munich manager. I am so sure you remember him—he played in five World Cups. FIVE!!! He captained the last West German team that won the World Cup in 1990 (against Maradona’s Argentina, I think). I remember him from that shocking and memorable 1998-1999 UEFA Champion’s League Final in Camp Nou (home of my FCB) between Bayern and Manchester United. They were up 1-0, he gets substituted, they think they’ve won the Championship, and in the dying minutes of injury time Teddy Sheringham (I remember him as a Tottenham player… weird) and the very Sto. Niño, forever-young Ole Gunner Solskjær scored. Manchester won 2-1. Matthäus looked like he’d been punched in the gut. That, or he wanted to punch someone in the gut. They captured this moment on tape and played it over and over again in the news that week, along with the clip of him holding his runner-up medal with disgust.

(Side note: I actually liked that Manchester United team—before Beckham’s head ballooned, in other words. They had great players in their roster—Sheringham, Solskjær, Neville, York, Cole, Giggs, Beckham, Schmeichel, Stam (!!!)…That was the Golden Age of Manchester. They won the Treble that year—English Premier League, the FA Cup, and the Champions League. Eric Cantona will forever be my fave ManU player, though. I wish I had a copy of that Nike commercial with him playing against the Devil. He says “Au revoir,” flips his collar, and slams the ball into the net. The cooooolest moment on earth. I wonder if it’s on YouTube?)

Anyways, will Matthäus be able to help Munich? They were never the same after Ballack left them for greener pastures. I personally think that it’s good that they are going through this “crisis” (They are 4th in the Bundesliga, a position they are apparently not used to, so they are throwing their arms up in the air and asking for Divine intervention). They’ve been winning the German league title for ages! Let the other teams win. It’s healthier for the Bundesliga in the long run.

It will be good to see Matthäus again, though. The guy had such a bad temper as a player he made boring matches look interesting! Hehehehe.


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