And I found this, too

I remember this goal. Valencia is my second favorite Spanish team so I felt a bit bad for them when this happened… un poquito solo. :) Barcelona was not doing well that season and they edged out Valencia and qualified for the following year’s Champions League (or was it UEFA Cup?) thanks to this incredible goal. Did you see Gaspart? He was FCB’s President at that time; he was pumped up and bursting with joy. To think he was not exactly on good terms with Rivaldo during that time. Look at all the Dutch players… Memories, man! I still have my stalker pictures of them. Ngark. :)

Which reminds me… I have been avoiding thinking or talking about Barcelona’s Game last Feb 21. I don’t want them to get booted out of the Champions League!! They’re the defending champs, jeeeeez! Like other superstitious football fans, I always think their fate depends on what I do that day or the week preceding it. If I watch the match or blog about them, they lose, and if I pretend that there are no important European games going on right now, they win. So I choose the latter… but of course I am talking about them right now so I might have already jinxed them… blah, blah, blah.

I’m hopeless. :) Bona sort. Visca Barça!


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