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Happy Ostara!

Wednesday, 21 March 07

Spring has finally arrived. Today we celebrate Ostara or the Vernal Equinox, when day and night are of equal length. It heralds the arrival of spring, a time of rebirth, fertility, and abundance. Guess it’s time again for some spring cleaning! Today is also the beginning of the new Astrological year. We are entering the realm of Aries, the first sign of in the Astrological wheel, and its pioneering spirit gives us the strength to take the initiative, express ourselves, and encourages us to finally make our move.

I kinda like that idea.

Happy Spring!

PS. I like my horoscope for today. I am taking it as a sign that I am still on the right track. Yeah, yeah… cheap thrills.

“You may be thinking about learning something new. It’s time to make it happen, whether your education is experiential or academic. Travel is still being encouraged, either in the physical realms or within your mind. Now, however, you’ll benefit from applying your ideas toward more sensible career goals. Integrate your desires with common sense and you can’t go wrong”


My daily habit

Thursday, 15 March 07

See… I knew I got something right. Good to know I can still continue to eat and/or drink very dark and very bitter (70% or more) chocolate every day. Read this. Yey.


Tuesday, 13 March 07

I’ve been KO-ed, flattened, and crushed like my favorite football team. Liverpool is not to be blamed in this case; I’ve been squashed to flimsiness by the heat and oppressing weather. I am not doing well.

I really hate days like this. I can’t think straight; cotton balls fill my skull. I have no energy for anything, not even football. I slept through the Champions League Quarter Finals Draw (I found out about the interesting match-ups here) and the FC Barcelona-Real Madrid game (It was a 3-3 draw, but Sevilla lost and Valencia had a draw so FCB is now number 1 on the table). You know something is up with me when I can’t even take the time to watch a match.

I am really not feeling well. I should be used to this, but I am not. And as if this was not scary enough, I think I’ve lost my mojo. I hate to say it, but I really think I’ve lost it. I can’t feel anything. I have no original thoughts in my head. I can barely string words together to create a sentence. I can’t draw a straight line. I’m overwhelmed by the blahness of things. I feel uninspired. I feel numb.

Please, I hope this bleary mist goes away soon. I want my life back.

Ugh, Arsenal failed to qualify

Thursday, 8 March 07

But at least Real Madrid is out of the Champion’s League, too! That’s a relief… hehehehehe. The remaining teams are Bayern, ManU, AC Milan, PSV, Liverpool, Chelsea, AS Roma, and Valencia. The quarter-final and semi-final draw will be on Friday.

Please, please, please let it be Liverpool or Valencia. I think Liverpool has more chances of winning it, though, than the Spanish team. But you’ll never know… ManU is very strong. I don’t want them to win, but I’ll take them over Chelsea. It would be good if a “smaller” team like PSV wins. I can’t wait to see the draw on Friday!


Wednesday, 7 March 07

Barcelona won last night 0-1 (goal by Gudjohnsen on the 75th minute), but Liverpool qualified for the next round on away goals (Aggregate: 2-2).


How disappointing. The are the defending champs, no! UUUFF!!! At least it’s Liverpool who gave them the boot. I love Steven Gerrard. They better go all the way and win the cup or I will get even more upset! Well… or Arsenal (if they win against PSV tonight) or Valencia. Anyone but Real Madrid or Chelsea. Please.

Save Ungdomshuset or The Youth House

Tuesday, 6 March 07

My good friend Maja just sent me an email about the riots that have been happening in Copenhagen. People have been protesting against the Danish government’s decision to demolish the Ungdomshuset or The Youth House.

The Ungdomshuset was constructed in 1897 and was used primarily as the Danish socialist group’s headquarters. The place is significant to the history of the Danes—the International Women’s Conference was held there in 1910 and both Vladimir Lenin and Rosa Luxemburg delivered speeches there. In the 1950’s, Brugsen offered to buy the building so it could tear it down and build one of their supermarkets. The local government at that time, recognizing the historical significance of the building, decided to sell it instead to a group of folk musicians. Unfortunately, due to financial reasons, they had to sell it back to the government in the late 70’s. The building slowly became a squat for young people, musicians, and artists. In 1982, the government chose not to evict the people living there and instead made an agreement with them that they could remain there for free if they use the building as a venue for concerts, exhibits, seminars, and other cultural activities.

In 2001, despite the agreement and the popularity and success of the cultural center, the government sold The Youth House to Faderhuset, a Christian fundamentalist right-wing sect. Efforts have been made to buy it back, but the religious group, with the government backing them up, has rejected all the offers. They’ve also announced their plans to demolish the place and turn it into a parking lot.

Although I have never been to The Youth House (or even Copenhagen), I want to help stop this atrocity from happening. While I was living in Barcelona, Maja and I, along with 3 other friends, approached a similar alternative “cultural center” and made a deal for an art studio space. They gave us permission to use a huge gallery/area for free, and in exchange, we had to conduct free art classes to the public. It was a really good arrangement, not only for us, but also for the community.

Please support alternative art centers. Go to and sign the petition against the demolition of the Ungdomshuset.

Sunday, 4 March 07

And I found this, too

I remember this goal. Valencia is my second favorite Spanish team so I felt a bit bad for them when this happened… un poquito solo. :) Barcelona was not doing well that season and they edged out Valencia and qualified for the following year’s Champions League (or was it UEFA Cup?) thanks to this incredible goal. Did you see Gaspart? He was FCB’s President at that time; he was pumped up and bursting with joy. To think he was not exactly on good terms with Rivaldo during that time. Look at all the Dutch players… Memories, man! I still have my stalker pictures of them. Ngark. :)

Which reminds me… I have been avoiding thinking or talking about Barcelona’s Game last Feb 21. I don’t want them to get booted out of the Champions League!! They’re the defending champs, jeeeeez! Like other superstitious football fans, I always think their fate depends on what I do that day or the week preceding it. If I watch the match or blog about them, they lose, and if I pretend that there are no important European games going on right now, they win. So I choose the latter… but of course I am talking about them right now so I might have already jinxed them… blah, blah, blah.

I’m hopeless. :) Bona sort. Visca Barça!

Sunday, 4 March 07

Found it!!!

That was quick. I found the Nike Ad on YouTube. Here’s “Good Vs. Evil.”

PS. I would have wanted to step on Figo’s face too with my spikes. Sorry, I still haven’t forgiven that louse.

Matthäus to coach Munchen?

Sunday, 4 March 07

Lothar Herbert Matthäus may be tapped to replace Ottmar Hitzfeld as Bayern Munich manager. I am so sure you remember him—he played in five World Cups. FIVE!!! He captained the last West German team that won the World Cup in 1990 (against Maradona’s Argentina, I think). I remember him from that shocking and memorable 1998-1999 UEFA Champion’s League Final in Camp Nou (home of my FCB) between Bayern and Manchester United. They were up 1-0, he gets substituted, they think they’ve won the Championship, and in the dying minutes of injury time Teddy Sheringham (I remember him as a Tottenham player… weird) and the very Sto. Niño, forever-young Ole Gunner Solskjær scored. Manchester won 2-1. Matthäus looked like he’d been punched in the gut. That, or he wanted to punch someone in the gut. They captured this moment on tape and played it over and over again in the news that week, along with the clip of him holding his runner-up medal with disgust.

(Side note: I actually liked that Manchester United team—before Beckham’s head ballooned, in other words. They had great players in their roster—Sheringham, Solskjær, Neville, York, Cole, Giggs, Beckham, Schmeichel, Stam (!!!)…That was the Golden Age of Manchester. They won the Treble that year—English Premier League, the FA Cup, and the Champions League. Eric Cantona will forever be my fave ManU player, though. I wish I had a copy of that Nike commercial with him playing against the Devil. He says “Au revoir,” flips his collar, and slams the ball into the net. The cooooolest moment on earth. I wonder if it’s on YouTube?)

Anyways, will Matthäus be able to help Munich? They were never the same after Ballack left them for greener pastures. I personally think that it’s good that they are going through this “crisis” (They are 4th in the Bundesliga, a position they are apparently not used to, so they are throwing their arms up in the air and asking for Divine intervention). They’ve been winning the German league title for ages! Let the other teams win. It’s healthier for the Bundesliga in the long run.

It will be good to see Matthäus again, though. The guy had such a bad temper as a player he made boring matches look interesting! Hehehehe.

I wantsss more…

Sunday, 4 March 07

I want this dress…
Myrtl Silk Dress

And this skirt… Beanstalk Skirt

Then I can lounge around in my house filled with these beautiful stuffsesessss…

Astrid Chair

Milo Chesterfield

Olauf Cabinet

Gatekeeper Cabinet

I absolutely love Anthropologie!