Bad Trip

I am not having a good week. I hope this is not a preview of how things are going to be this month.

Sunday started out fine; I even had a feeling that things were going to be good and even dared to be hopeful and excited about new things coming into my life. I ended the day, though, with a shouting match with someone with whom—I staunchly believe—I have extremely bad karmic ties. Everything just goes wrong when I try to deal with this person. Simple conversations turn into head-butting sessions, and I always end up feeling drained and angry and confused after.

It set my mood for the following day, which was definitely a downer. I couldn’t enjoy my weekly trip to Quiapo; not even finding a copy of the Trainspotting DVD could rouse elation from me. I tried to shake it off; I think I had even successfully tricked myself into thinking that I was already over it.

Early Tuesday morning I had to go on a trip to the deep south—to the windy boondocks of Laguna—with a some friends to check out a locale. My meeting was cancelled in the afternoon (both a relief, because I had more time to work on another project, and a nuisance, because it was caused by a miscommunication) so I took the time to breathe in the chilly, fresh air and attempted to relax. I got home mid-afternoon, ready to make headway in a pressing job, but was taken over by drowsiness. I took a nap… and four hours later woke up with itchy red eyes and post-nasal drip. Sigh. The nippy breeze I copiously breathed into my lungs was not so fresh after all—it was loaded by unseen bugs and stealthy allergens. I lost that day to Zyrtec-laden sleep.

Oh, and most of the following day, too. You see, when my defective immune system acts up, it likes to show off its incompetence with pompous flair. I had a deadline nipping at my heels so I had no other choice but to work through the sinusitis, migraine, tremors, and jittery eyeballs. Have you tried bending metal and wire in that state? It was no party, but I was able to finish the first part of the job, take pictures, and loaded them into my laptop. I was about to connect to the Net to send the email and give myself a much-needed pat on the back when I realized something—my server was dead. I checked the phone and it, too, was lifeless. I tried to use my phone to surf, but I didn’t have enough credit to even go to the main page of Gmail. So I waved my white flag and called it a day.

I got up early this morning to go to an Internet café. I checked the phone for a pulse before I left. Nothing. I rushed out to email and waited. My message bounced back. I tried another address. It bounced back again. A third address and I hit the bull’s-eye. Much more tranquil, I went back home… only to find out that the phone had miraculously come back from the netherworlds minutes after I had left the house.


So what is this devilry, may I ask? Were you in on this cosmic joke? Did I involuntarily invite a mischievous spirit to shadow me? Did I incur the wrath of Khan… errrr, I mean, some pagan god? Or, I know, maybe Mercury is spinning the wrong way again. That, or it’s reaping time for the bad karma I’ve sowed. I’ll never know the answer, will I?

So I’ll just move on and away from these series of unfortunate events. I’m going back to work and I’m putting on my new socks for good measure. A friend gave me this pair recently. I collect all sorts of frogs (Prince duds included. HAH!) and she thought they were perfect for me. She added that if someone gives you one of these amphibians, they would bring you good luck. I hope she’s right. I hope these froggies change my fortune for the better and bring me to good and happy places.


Froggie Toes



One Response to “Bad Trip”

  1. swimminginpink Says:

    It has hearts so it should be not only good luck but for love to surround you always. Naks. Ayan ha good vibrations your way.

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