A bed with a view


I’m too lazy to get out of bed today. My body has been screaming for a respite for quite some time now. I have had an average of 3 hours sleep for the past two weeks; my eye bags are up to my belly and two nasty-looking acne cysts have taken up residence on my chin. My right wrist is also painful from working with a tiny and very pretty, but absolutely treacherous, mouse. I’ve had to replace it with a sturdy dinosaur to keep carpal tunnel syndrome at bay. And so I’ve decided to take a mini-break from the world today, but not completely, though, I’m afraid. I’ve been tied to my mobile and telephone since 9AM, following up projects and nagging suppliers. At least I don’t have to leave the comfort of my bedroom to do that.

I should be thankful I’ve been busy since the beginning of the month. It’s a good way to start the year and a great way to proceed with my plan B. I am sounding like a broken record already, but I really thought I’d be back in school by this time. This is a good alternative, though; some would say even better. I just keep forgetting to slow down and let myself feel and breathe and think about what’s been happening. I haven’t given myself time to practice yoga or write in my journal or just veg and be a broccoli for even just an hour. Today seems like a perfect day to just let the world spin without me.

It’s funny, almost a year ago today I said to myself that I needed to find the middle ground when it comes to doing things. Sigh. It’s obviously a hard lesson for me to learn. But that’s enough… I’ve got a stash of DVDs waiting to be fed in the player, a jug of oh-so-creamy non-GMO soymilk, and a loaf of yummy banana walnut bread set-up around my bed. Comfort but still EVIL, EVIL, EVIL food. The best friends anyone could have at a time like this.

I’m going to log off the net now and unhook my phone. I’ll see you guys again after I pig-out.


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