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Wednesday, 24 January 07

A bed with a view


I’m too lazy to get out of bed today. My body has been screaming for a respite for quite some time now. I have had an average of 3 hours sleep for the past two weeks; my eye bags are up to my belly and two nasty-looking acne cysts have taken up residence on my chin. My right wrist is also painful from working with a tiny and very pretty, but absolutely treacherous, mouse. I’ve had to replace it with a sturdy dinosaur to keep carpal tunnel syndrome at bay. And so I’ve decided to take a mini-break from the world today, but not completely, though, I’m afraid. I’ve been tied to my mobile and telephone since 9AM, following up projects and nagging suppliers. At least I don’t have to leave the comfort of my bedroom to do that.

I should be thankful I’ve been busy since the beginning of the month. It’s a good way to start the year and a great way to proceed with my plan B. I am sounding like a broken record already, but I really thought I’d be back in school by this time. This is a good alternative, though; some would say even better. I just keep forgetting to slow down and let myself feel and breathe and think about what’s been happening. I haven’t given myself time to practice yoga or write in my journal or just veg and be a broccoli for even just an hour. Today seems like a perfect day to just let the world spin without me.

It’s funny, almost a year ago today I said to myself that I needed to find the middle ground when it comes to doing things. Sigh. It’s obviously a hard lesson for me to learn. But that’s enough… I’ve got a stash of DVDs waiting to be fed in the player, a jug of oh-so-creamy non-GMO soymilk, and a loaf of yummy banana walnut bread set-up around my bed. Comfort but still EVIL, EVIL, EVIL food. The best friends anyone could have at a time like this.

I’m going to log off the net now and unhook my phone. I’ll see you guys again after I pig-out.


The British Globes

Wednesday, 17 January 07

Hugh Laurie

I am speechless. I am literally without a speech. Er…” I sat through the awarding ceremony just to see this guy. I am glad Hugh Laurie won because, as usual, he was witty and charming when he received his award (I still remember his appearance at last year’s Emmy’s. He spoke French!). All the Brits were! Jeremy Irons, Dame Helen Mirren, Billy Nighy, and, of course, Sacha Baron Cohen.

From Ali G to Golden Globe Award Winner. Amazing. Who would have thought, no?

Ali GSacha Cohen

Time’s Up

Monday, 15 January 07

My programme begins today in London and I am still here in Manila. I didn’t reach my goal so I had to defer school (again) for another year.

I haven’t really had time to have a nervous breakdown yet. Maybe I’ll have one at the end of the month when I’ve finished all of my projects for January. Maybe I won’t have one till June. I don’t really know. Maybe I won’t have one anymore because my life has been one emotional roller coaster ride since I found out that I got into Chelsea and Central Saint Martins. I’ve had mini anxiety attacks along the way—too may to count and to recall when and where they occurred—so to have one right now would be a tad anticlimactic.

I must admit, though, that I am surprised that I am still in one piece and that my life has moved on smoothly. I thought that if I were to find myself still stuck here in Manila in January that I would slit my throat. I am not even close to doing that; I don’t feel such a loser after all. Things have been going pretty well, actually. When I finally sent the email to the school about my decision to defer, I actually felt relieved that it was all over. I still want to go to school, mind you, but at least now I know that I am not going this semester. It’s shitty news, but at least I am not in Limbo anymore. I got tired of keeping the shadows company.

Now that I’ve loosened my hold on my dream, other doors have been opening for me. Maybe there is another way to get there. Let’s just wait and see.

I would like to thank everyone who has helped me–the strangers who donated to Paper Crane Project, old friends who stayed with me even when I became incredibly annoying and insufferable, and the new ones who believed even though they barely knew me. Don’t worry, I am still going to work on my project until it is completed. All our efforts have not been wasted. And I am not giving up hope. I have been given a full year to prepare for school. A lot of things could happen in 365 days, right? You bet I am going to make to most of this time! :)

I want

Monday, 15 January 07

Siamese cat

… this cat. I’ve been visiting him at the pet store near my place. I would LOVE to buy him, but cats are not allowed in our house (we have 5 dogs!). They take him out of his cage when I pass by and they let me play with him for a while. He’s such a sweetie.

Deadly Sin

Wednesday, 10 January 07

Twenty odd years spent within the confines of several scrupulous Catholic schools and I still haven’t learned to curb my avariciousness and avoid lusting after the new kid on the block: It’s button-free, up to 8GB of storage space, Wi-Fi enabled, with a 2-megapixel camera… all these and more yummy goodness contained in a sleek and slick, Twiggy-coolness, less than 12mm casing. And best of all, it runs on Apple’s OS X.


See the object of my affection here.

Can someone pass me a bib, please.