Illustration Friday: Help

Whiny the Pooh



Meet Whiny the Pooh, my Illustration Friday entry for this week. I was going to use this as a logo for one of my projects. A friend cautiously told me that it may be a bit too much. Oh well.

I think you can look at this in 2 ways: the bear needs help or someone is using him to help somebody. What do you think? :)



PS. No bear, real or stuffed, was harmed when I made this illo. Contrary to what most people think, I am really not that cruel! Hmmm… just a tiny, weee bit, maybe. :)


4 Responses to “Illustration Friday: Help”

  1. Joel Chua Says:

    I think the bear is being used for voodoo!

    Thanks for visiting my site. Keep in touch.

  2. stephan Says:

    Nice one. :)

  3. carla Says:

    I was thinking that Pooh has a nagging backache that’s being helped with some acupuncture. I do hope he’s feeling better soon! I love the white on black with the teeny touch of red…great compsoition!

  4. tomaszharacz Says:

    Nice stuff, thanks for sharing.

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