Hybrid Hubby

I think I am starting to lose it. I’m in a bit of a state today, so I decided to have a little bit of fun and not deal with my life right now. I’m a bit loopy, so bear with me.

I’ve always said that I wanted to marry a British writer or a fantastic artist/illustrator. I dunno why exactly… maybe because I was always surrounded by books and graphic novels and I got a kick out of the thought that I would read everything my husband would write before it goes to print. Or maybe because I wanted to marry a book or a graphic novel but couldn’t so I chose their human creators instead? :) Anyways, my life practically revolved around The Sandman at the time I was seriously pondering on this idea, so Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean naturally became The Ones; they set the bar for the poor soul who would dare consider applying for the job. :) Hey, come on, I wanted the best in the business, right?

So here they are:

Neil and Dave

I obviously am not after the real Neil or Dave, but someone like them… So, if I can’t have them, does that mean I have to look for someone like this?

Hybrid Hubby

Hahahahahahaha! I know… creepy. He kinda reminds me of someone, though. An actor… Kenneth Branagh? MWAHAHAHAHA. No, I’m sorry. I am not high on anything right now, not even my allergy meds. Teeheehee.

I went Photoshop happy and even made an invitation for our engagement party:


I never finished it, though, cos I couldn’t think of the date for the party or the wedding. EEEEeeeech. I guess, bottom line is, I really don’t want to get hitched! :) I don’t want a Sandman Frankenstein! I want to BE a Sandman Frankenstein. HAHAHAHAHA. Naw… but seriously—no one out there will ever reach that bar, so why don’t I just go for it myself? I’ll just have to learn how to write amazing stories and illustrate amazing books… but I guess that’s easier than finding Mr. Hybrid. Right? :)  A lot less hassle, too. hehehehe.

Told ya I was in a weird mood today.


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