Of Orange Nails and Black Bears

Boom Boom the Bear

I am trying to work through this haze created by my anti-allergy med. Boom-Boom the Black Bear is keeping me company. I didn’t name him, by the way. He came with a name tag; I didn’t have a the heart to re-name him. It seemed to suit him just fine anyways. He’s quite charming, actually, even though he has no eyes or mouth!

I painted my nails orange. I’m supposed to let them breathe for a while, but since I am extremely stubborn and impatient, I painted them again an hour after I removed my previous polish. Besides, I wanted to see some color. I’m tired of my black polish… and the red… and the chocolate brown. I got this one from that Korean make-up store in Makati. Very pretty shop. I try not to go there often. Very dangerous, it’s like going to the candy store. Everything is so colorful and tempting! I’m on a lookout for the perfect plum polish though. Yeah, deep, dark eggplant color with no sparkles or any of that cutesy stuff.

Sigh. Enough chit-chat. I’m going back to work.


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