How innocent a child

I found this in one of my High School journals. I am not sure if I wrote it or I found it somewhere and copied it in my notebook. I honestly don’t remember. God, that was such a long time ago.

“No, don’t kill him!” I screamed out.

A horrible monster had its claws around my cousin’s neck. He looked very scary… and very hungry. My cousin was so frightened that he didn’t even scream, his eyes were wide with shock and the only noise I could hear from his mouth was a whimper. I had my hands clenched on the doorknob fearful that the monster might get me, too. I was shaking with fear and I was crying so hard from seeing my cousin’s pale face. But somehow, I knew I was safe from the monster if I stay inside our house. But I still felt helpless and torn. I was only eight years old.

“Help me!” My cousin said in an anguished voice.

He was right. I could help him. All I had to do was free him from the monster’s grasp and take him inside the safety of our home. But it wasn’t easy. It could also put me in danger.

Suddenly, I remember the time when my cousin tripped me while we were walking to school. I was sprawled on the street and all the neighborhood kids laughed at me. And I also remembered the time he smacked me on the face because I was playing with his toys, and during my birthday, he spilled his food all over my dress. I especially remembered the times when he would hit me mercilessly during our fistfights. Somehow remembering all these made it harder for me to act heroic and save his life.

“Help me!” He desperately screamed.

My knuckles were turning white from grasping the doorknob too tight. I just stared.

“Help me!”


I opened my eyes and saw my mom turn off the alarm clock. As she picked up my teddy bear from the floor, I said to her, “Good Morning, Mom.”


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