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The end in the beginning & the beginning in the end (Part 2)

Tuesday, 31 October 06

Welcome to my new blog. As you can see, I have opted for a more personalized, sleeker look. Blogger has served me well but I want to try out something new. I can always go back there, right? I’ve decided not to kill the old one. I still don’t know though if I want to import all my old files here. We’ll see.

So here’s to a new year of disturbing the Universe! May this new site inspire me to create and Be. I hope to continue to stand up against the bullies, and not to tolerate any phoniness and pretense. I will not settle for an easy answer and will continue to ask questions (of myself and the Cosmos) even when people just want answers.

I’ll see you guys again soon! :)

Oh… by the way, part 1 is over here.  Cheers!